Bloodfetish – Erotic Stories & Poetry

Bloodfetish is a collection of works that I commissioned some 10 years ago, with the help of my good friend, Alice Dark. She and I have collaborated over the years on many projects, though most of those projects involved poetry.

Bloodfetish was an idea of mine, and she was game to work with me to find young authors who wanted to be published. We paid for the work that they did, commissioned an artist to illustrate the stories, then … well … It all just fell by the wayside.

It wasn’t that we didn’t want to put the work out. Rather, it was that life got in the way of our attempts to publish the zine.

It’s been on my computer ever since.

Then, a few days ago, I got a call from Alice. She saw my poems and short stories on Smashwords, and asked me about the site. When she found out how easy it was to publish a work, Alice was pissed. (She’s not known as Dark Alice for nothing.)

She wanted to know “Why the fuck I hadn’t put Bloodfetish” online with all of the other work. “Just get the fucking work out there.”

The conversation went on longer than that, but the gist of it is that she just wanted the stories to see the light of day, instead of being caught up as magnetized bits on my hard drive.

So Bloodfetish is online. Read and enjoy. And since Alice demanded that the story be put on her Smashwords site, you’ll likely be hearing more from her.


Writing Tip for Folks Who Make Stuff Up

I have to quit screwing around and make some shit up. I’ve got writing to do. Lots of it. One short story – Divine Wine – is about halfway finished. And I had ideas for three more stories last night. It’s going to be a delicious day. I can almost taste it.

But first I need some coffee. Lots of it. I need to wake up, and shake off the doldrums. My daughters are still asleep. This is my time.

One other thing. I managed to sort out Amazon, and I uploaded Jesus Wept to the Kindle site. This story is not for the kiddies. It’s vicious, blasphemous and outright erotic. It’s the story of a vampire who seeks out Jesus and finds him on the cross. What happens next … Well, that’s not for the open Internet. Too naughty.

Before I leave, I’ll give you this writing tip: Incorporate reality with fiction, but never tell them where you really buried the bodies.

Writing Porn for Profit

Okay. The nice folks call it erotica, but between you and I, we know it’s porn. And after reading Carl’s post to the Smashwords forum, I’m wondering why I don’t write a bit of “erotica” myself. I mean, $2,500 a month is a lot of spare spending cash that would go a long way in today’s tight times. I could get me that new corset I was looking at.

Carl’s churned out about 90 stories, most of them short, and a few novel length. He has them on both Smashwords and Amazon, so we’re looking at the dollars above as combined between these two e-publishers.

It’s easy to publish at either of these sites. I’ve got Jesus Wept on Smashwords, and spent about 15 minutes registering for a Kindle account on Amazon yesterday. The story should go live sometime today or tomorrow. But while Jesus Wept is violent, sacrilegious porn, it’s not the kind of erotica that Carl’s turned out.

His is … well … less violent.

His monthly earnings make me want to venture into the porn market, but to be honest, I can’t. Written porn bores me. I tried to read one of his free downloads, and I got through about the first 10 pages before I began to skim. The writing wasn’t terrible. The grammar and punctuation weren’t great, but they didn’t suck out loud. The plots and characters were thin, but not invisible.

So why couldn’t I read it? Like I said: Written porn bores me. That’s why I stopped following Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake novels. When Anita began fucking everybody, everywhere – having threesomes and moresomes, I found myself skipping large portions of the novel. Not that it embarrassed me. I’ve had moresomes myself – and things lots kinkier than I’ve seen in print.

But the bottom line, once again, is written porn bores the shit out of me. And if it’s boring to read, imagine trying to write a meaningful sex scene every three to four pages. I just can’t manage that, even if I throw in some bondage and domination. It’s just not in me to write it down.

Unless, of course, it’s truly violent – ala Jesus Wept. If I could crank out a few of those … I do have another violent sex story in the works: Divine Wine. I hope to finish it this weekend.

Till then … if you can write porn, follow Carl’s lead.

on mother’s day, remembering Lilith

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to be first to get this one out there. That’s because mom is more than just flesh and blood. She is creation.

on mother’s day, remembering Lilith

because she would not lie
on her back she was spit
from eden into the land
of giants and blue men

with whom god said she bred
monsters stalking the earth
even today the blood
of their mother fills my veins

with wisdom free of the tainted
tree she left before knowledge
took root before eve took the fall
before adam who would have been my father

She called me a rude bitch

I love a bottom with spirit

I want to skin you
in black latex: hang you
above his harsh screams,

spinning and wondering
when I’ll bring out the red
of Japanese commitment.

You didn’t know? That white boy
has an Asian soul. He would die
for you: wear robes and paint

his face like a Geisha. I think
I’ll make him do that too–
below you, crying, just out of reach.