More of Today’s TwitterFic

There’s more to come later tonight, but for now I have to get some work done. Enjoy the #TwitterFic. Let me know if you’ve got a favorite that I’ve missed in posting.

As she reached for the apparently untended book, Shana heard the warning growl. “Ah,” she said. “This must belong to the @Literarygrrrl.”

Too late, scientists discovered that @Morbidementia was the result of the Zombie virus – not the cause.

For @Liz_Downey St. was the culmination of her dreams. She was Queen now. And it didn’t matter one bit that her subjects were all Zombies.

Once @suzisquared off her fangs, they thought it impossible for her to bite anymore. Silly humans: Vampires regenerate.

Afer he located @Janelle_Jensen boarded up the windows against the horde. Too late, Jenson realized that Janelle had been bitten.

Few painters wanted the commission the Zombie offered for her portrait, but Dennis was a @decadentartist, and he didn’t mind the smell.

As a @WerewolfMike didn’t mind cold, rain nor snow. It was the fleas that drove him into the arms of the Zombie horde.

“Yo @benmind the store for me while I’m gone.” What Ben didn’t know was that Miller wasn’t coming back, as outside the door was the horde.

The Zombie found that being @EndlesslyDead wasn’t near as appealing as he thought. But that was before Catherine crossed over.

They thought her a @fictionalgypsy until the curse took hold, and they found themselves thinner day by day.


#TwitterFic – All for now, but more to come

Yeah, I’m at work, and I’m supposed to be turning my fingers bony with jobs. But I skipped out for a moment to post these. More to come later on.

When we found @PatrickRahall face down in the swamp, we thought him dead. When he got to his feet, we realized Patrick had joined the horde.

Even as a Zombie, Melissa chose to be a @Starving_Writer, as she never developed a taste for human flesh.

We didn’t know it was haunted until the @CreepyWalker skittered across the kitchen floor without the aid of its owner.

They called @BlueSleighty, because of her cunning and sly ways. She was always one step ahead of the Zombie horde.

No one thought Kristin a @Kreepylady, until the neighborhood children she had over for a soda and snacks, returned home with the Zombie Virus.

Helping @JasonEscape turned out to be a bad move on Copperfield’s part, as the latter soon fell behind, and into the jaws of the horde.

Speaking slowly, she emphasized the A in the middle of @JulieALindsey. The Zombie nodded as if he understood, but didn’t care who he ate.

When he plucked @HerBloodyHeart from her chest, the doctor had no idea she was already a Zombie. When she sat up, he fainted – an easy meal.

@RebeccaTLittle had the most curious smile: Open and friendly, just like her eyes. So it surprised us to find out she was the #BloodThief.

No one ever thought to ask @AllanDouglasDgn what the Dgn actually stood for, until it was too late, and the dungeon door slammed shut.

The crowd thought it had the perpetrator when it gave chase to the @HoodedMan. But, he was a decoy, leading them into the jaws of the horde.

We didn’t know the @RubyTombstone was cursed, until the dead began to rise from the cemetery. By then, it was too late.

Seeing Pinky fall to the Zombie horde had been heartbreaking. But still, Tonya thanked the stars that she was @fasterthanpinky

TwitterFic – This should Catch Me Up!

I believe that this post catches me up with all of the TwitterFic that I’ve posted to the Twitter stream. If I’ve missed one of your favorites, let me know.

As Kim shifted, folks drew back in terror. But one numbnuts had the gall to refer to her as @barkergirl22. He’s dead now, bloody shreds.

It’s only when @laurajeanwrites that she’s liable to kill. Most folks have the sense to stay away. The rest are buried out back.

“We told Eve to @AskArabella before she went outside.” Lola shook her head. “Eve didn’t listen, and she was taken by the zombie horde.”

“Yo, that’s not @LKHamilton. It’s Anita Blake.” Mr. Gentry cocked an eyebrow. “How can you tell?” Merry replied: “Easy. Laurell’s a zombie.”

At first, I thought it was just @Some_Stalker. When I realized it was a zombie, I opened fire and ran screaming ahead of the horde.

She enunciated each letter of her name: “@_andraya_, like a ray gun.” The zombie nodded as though it understood, then lunged at her face.

“Don’t be @ShyAbby,” the Zombie growled. “I’ve only been dead a week.” Abby wasn’t one to be taken in, and pulled the trigger.

The zombies stared at the transmitter, then screeched when it squawked to life: “I’ve got you @jbird5x5. Take care, bud. Zombies near you.”

@Some_Stalker followed me as I walked last Friday. I waited for him at the bar. As he rounded the corner unaware, I slashed his throat.

With the appearance of the @AngelZapata thought safety from the horde was near. Only later, did Zapata notice the angel’s salvering jaws.

“Dude, I’m telling you. Those were some fucking @Twisted_Twins.” Bubba turned and spit. “They had a fucking @_DeadHooker in the Trunk!”

The Big @bobaloo0 had some ‘splaining to do, ’cause Ricky wasn’t interested in Lucy’s Zombie Love Bites.

If she hadn’t been @ShyAbby would have realized he only wanted her for her brains: Zombies have one track minds.

“Really, Wendy. That’s all @FictionNFoibles,” Rory said. “There’s no such thing as Zombies.” Outside, the horde turned as one.

Jason’s ability to put @Fear_In_Words was not enough to deter the horde. The zombies breached the compound and took him for their own.

Townsfolk were used to calling on @reverendmatty during times of trouble. So it was natural to alert him first to the Zombie horde.

“Go get @The_Android_Guy,” Nick called out. “We’ll need it to fight the Zombies.” Unfortunately, Guy had already been taken by the horde.

Not wanting to give English Zombies what they desired most, Billy contacted the @KidneyRegistry, and robbed the Zombies of part of the pie.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the @FesteringCorpse. It was dead and doing no harm. So I pushed it from the roof to the Zombies below.

“These beakers are special,” Todd said. “They’re made from @MGallowglas, impervious to all but the Zombie virus.” Rob looked up: “Oops.”

Leading the @Screamqueenarmy against the Zombie horde seemed like a good idea at the time, though later Chris came to regret it.

Tonight’s TwitterFic – It’s about You

If we had realized it was @neilhimself, we would have let the Zombie pass. As it was, the only one who have recognized Gaiman had been taken by the horde.

It was an odd tune that the @Strange_Grl sang, yet still we were happy that the Zombie followed her through the streets.

When @MinaBurrows beneath the covers, the room clears quickly as we know that she’s about to shift.

When Diana @BentAlice over the balcony, we were certain they’d fall to their deaths. We needn’t have worried, as they were both already dead

I prefer my life a @Rubyviolence, sweet and soaked in blood.

In fighting the Zombie horde, she preferred her guns to match her taste in men: @bigrhardrfastr

Linus hated visiting the @pumpkinmorgue, but couldn’t avoid the police demand to identify Charlie Brown’s body. “Curse you, Great Pumpkin!”

“Dude, if you offer a @zombieliquorice, it loses interest in brains!” Unfortunately, Jason took Jeff at his word.

Lenora laid out her best @BloodBoneChina for her guests. Unfortunately, the Zombie horde made it to dinner ahead of the invited.

It’s rarely known, but Poe, when excited, spoke with a slight lisp that was most evident in the line “Quoths the @ssraven nevermore.”

Zombies proved to be more evasive than @claypigeons45, but a shotgun was still a good choice against the horde.

She was @born_fighting, and that’s how she lives: A knife to the throat of life, demanding more of each moment.

She was such a @Lovely_Corpse, that when she was reanimated as a Zombie, we didn’t have the heart to put her down.

“Don’t let @Allykiss you,” he warned. “Her eyes can bedazzle a butterfly. There’s no telling what a kiss will do.” Still, I sought her lips.

When @emilystorms into the room, we know there’s bad news to follow. This time it was the worst news possible: “The horde approaches,” she said.

Even More TwitterFic

Yeah, I’ve been slacking on posting the TwitterFic to the blog, and I’ve gotten behind again. Damnit. But this will put me a few ahead.

“When it comes to zombies, there’s no such thing as @semidead!” Unfortunately, his warning came to late to save Chris and Joe.

KARA THRACE: I thought Stargate was a @fairheroseries, but Battlestar Galactica was the series really kicked ass.

When it was over, @TonyPulp‘d the zombie, made it to milkshakes, and served the shakes during the neighborhood barbecue

@RebeccaTLittle had a sweet smile and engaging eyes that encouraged victims to willingly draw closer.

The need to @Krushneurotik, sparkly vampires had been a part of Kema’s make-up for as long as she knew. Then one day, she found that staking worked just fine.

“I think we should wait for @fairweatherabi.” She glanced outside at a sudden thud. “Meteor showers are not the same as rain showers.”

@suzisquared off the stake before plunging it into the sparkly wannabe vamp, because Suzi wanted it to hurt as much as possible.

“We found the @ChicRocking that bastard, boss.” He waved his gun. “Shit. I thought she was going to kill us next!”

When she told him to “@SayeMyName,” he didn’t realize the horror that he was about to unleash upon the world.

It was a cold and @DarkWynter when we found the zombie child, and we took the birth of the dead one as a portent of future things.

“Don’t touch the @ZombieAldous!” But Aldous heard the cry too late, and drew back a nub. Now, he’s part of the horde.

“Adjust that @IVKelly!” the doctor fumed. Nurse Kelly snatched up a syringe and plunged it into his eye. “Learn respect,” she said.

The vampire’s was guise was uncovered when he accepted a @SlimCigarettee, and was torched by the flame of the match.