The Twitter Circle-Jerk

For those of you not familiar with the term “circle-jerk,” all I’ll say is that it’s a term that makes teenaged boys giggle uncontrollably. If you’ve really got to know what it means, Google the term and take the link to the Urban Dictionary.

There’s a sort of circle-jerk going on around Twitter. It happens with a variety of accounts, and I’ve seen the bot-spam show up several times in my Followers list. What makes Twitter Circle-Jerk so odious, is that it almost looks like a real follower.

I don’t indiscriminatly add followers. My list of followers and those that I follow was built up by hand, not machine. I didn’t use Tweet Adder or some other program to find people who are like-minded. I sought them out myself. That means that when someone follows me, I check out their account.

That’s how I found the Twitter Circle-Jerks – by manually taking a look at the account to discern whether the user was real. Take a look at the users below, and you’ll see that they all have something in common:

@Francescaywk @_health4life @aeroponics_how @felix2see @WeedLoving @EnvironmentHelp @chadpeterson1

Three new usernames added to a new circle-jerk
@desirae_charity @Heygidday @prayerbiker

This is the biggest circle-jerks I’ve seen on Twitter. This one spans a huge number of accounts, and I think I’m only scraping the surface with these.

@FictionEbooks7 @CarEbooks @FreedomEbooks @VegetarianEbook @HistoryEbooks @GamesEbooks @Insomnia_books @CraftsEbooks @Credit_ebooks @ebooks_authors @FishingEbooks @Company_Ebooks @Arthritis_ebook @PepperEbooks @EducationEbook @FreedomEbooks @JourneyEbooks @Men_And_Woman @Company_Ebooks @AthleteEbooks @HairEbooks @SolersSportsEbk @FriendsEbooks @1000_ebooks @FreeEbooks7 @ExerciseEbooks @Marriage_Ebook @MamaEbooks @SpeakEbooks @EBusiness_Ebook @AcneEbooks @HouseEbooks @ChristmasEbook @DiabetEbooks @FootballEbooks @Health_Ebooks @CoverDdesign @InvestingEbookz @Ebook_Compilers @DepressionBook @Hosting_Ebooks

This is what I call a Twitter-Circle Jerk. One account teases to another, teases to another, teases to another, all the way around until the circle is complete.

Feel free to add circle-jerks if all it is you’re looking for is a follower count. But for quality followers, take the time to check out Twitter accounts.


More to Come – Got to Get Out of Work First

When he saw the @ZombieDog_SF, Jason realized he was well and truly fucked. Now that the virus was cross-species, he’d never stop the horde.

As she followed @LibbyHeily reflected on their day. Libby had managed to stop the zombies, but Heily had still been bitten.

“Quit yer @WritingGirlie! We got to defend the windows!” But Michelle was caught in metaphor and rhythm, and missed the zombies at the door.

We thought an elephant gun, big enough to @piercebooks, would be enough to stop the zombie horde. Apparently, we miscalculated.

When the zombie horde overran @LA_Tafe took to his heels. But as fast as he was, Tafe couldn’t outrun Rage zombies.

As he followed @TimGreaton thought something wrong. Bits of gore dropped from Tim’s hands, and too late, Greaton realized Tim was a zombie.

@threeand10 blackbirds weaved in from skies lead-gray and sullen. Avoiding the violent flutter of black wings, Lee kept to lean shadows.

“All right, @StephanieSaye the zombie’s name softly.” Steph, tranced and compliant, did as she was told. Outside, the zombie stirred.

I knew they were @twisted_twins when I got in the car. But I never suspected they had a @_DeadHooker in the Trunk.

No one who knew her would have guessed that Amy was such a zombie ass-kicker. She had always appeared to be such an @ArtsyBookishGal.

He thrashed as they dragged him to the edge of the boat: “@WWSharkbaitWW?” he wubbled. “I won’t do it!” Below, the zombie shark circled.

Ian demanded that his name be prounced correctly: “@IanMacGregger,” he ennunciated crisply. The zombie gurgled and bit off Ian’s tongue.

@TheMacLeod <- sole survivor of a zombie ambush. Try to keep up with the ones who are both smart and fast!

Working again on TwitterFic

It’s nice to know if my legs fail, I’ve got my @CreepyWalker. If I can’t kick ass, at least I can whack ’em about the head and shoulders

Looking to @Derek4words to calm the crowd, Fournier noticed that Derek was teetering on the edges of sanity.

When she realized that the woman of her nightmares carried a @Chainsaw_Sally had to rethink how she saw her waking hours.

Finding @spectralmuses to guide your writing isn’t so difficult. The recipe is coffee: one part beans, one part chocolate, one part dreams.

The audience howled at the antics of the @ZombiePuppets, until the puppet master cut the strings, and the puppets continued to move.

Even though I knew that she was @kNotOfGod, I follow Crystal because of her monstrous beauty and ferocious intellect.

“Open @thezombiebible to the Second Chapter of Groaning and repeat after me.” Even though zombies can’t read, they know how to groan.

We realized the end of the world was close when the @ZombieDog_SF was found; the Rage virus had found a way to jump the species barrier.

While we thought it @SinisterProse that he scrawled, none of us realized that Killeen had been given the entire Necronomicon in a dream.

Safe, he scrawled the name of the demon, @TyrKieran, in his own blood. Finished he sat back; beside him a half-seen flicker solidified.

We thought her @Mad4Passion, but when she devoured the postman, we realized that she was well and truly mad.

When George recived a preview copy of @GPWriter, he didn’t know it was a rogue program, released by a psychotic techie.

When she finally found @edenbaylee, thought herself safe from the horde. But Baylee didn’t know that zombies had planted corruption.

As @twisted_twins, they vowed loyalty to one another through best and worst. That came in handy when they found a @DeadHooker in a Trunk.

Seeking the woman known simply as @LaFemmeLestat skulked dark city streets. But it was LaFemme who found Lestat and made him her own.

Tanya didn’t realize that the @VEscritoire was an obscure volume of magic. As she spoke what she believed to be a poem, her breath became fire.

Though Sean @ReadHeavily throughout most of his life, even he was surpised when books sprang to life, and words scurried like ants.

Finding the tree emblazoned with the letters @BA_Matthews turned left toward town. Further up the path zombies waited patiently for Matthews

Before being shortened to the “t-virus,” researchers called it @TLogicLive, as they thought it would assure life after death.

Examples of Twitter Spam and Malware Links

There’s a lot of Twitter spam going around, and unfortunately, it’s some of you who spreading it. By clicking on the links you get via DM, you infect either your computer, your Twitter application, or both.

So far, Twitter spam that carries a nasty payload has been easy to recognize. It comes to you as a Direct Message (DM), and it’s from one of your followers. But if you notice in the examples below, Twitter spam is generic: It never names you.

Really Nasty Spam – Don’t click it. Twitter has not made this software. It’s a lie by scum suckers who want to infect your account:

  • Twitter finally released an app that tracks your “Stalkers” get it here fazzt.biX/blah

    Seven new examples (Thanks, Alice!)

  • Have you heard millions of people are making $5k+/Mo from home? heres how…
  • Was this blog you posted really necessary? some kind of joke?
  • Someone said this real bad thing about you in a blog….
  • I just found out who viewed me on twitter! find whos watching yours
  • viagra,cialis,soma,tramadol and more. no prescription.
  • Gain over 1,000 followers a week by using:

    Even more Twitter Spam!

  • you’ll laugh when you see this pic of you… tinyurl.coX/blah
  • You look different in this photo. cuts.pX/8
  • my friend sent me this pic with you in it.. t.cX/blah
  • you look like you lost weight in this video.. t.cX/blah

    Original examples

  • haha my friend showed me this pic of you.. t.c/blah
  • This is NUTS, I swear I’m getting 100s of followers from this program!! Check it t.c/blah
  • I lost a bunch of weight, this stuff works! look at news article
  • Somone said this real bad thing about you in a blog….
  • I found you in this video
  • Is that you in this picture
  • (note the typo in this one) your in this picture
  • discount drugs with no prescription required
  • no prescription required for your viagra,cialis,soma and more.
  • wow this really works! i found out who stalks me 😛 go to

    Read about Rob’s battle with Twitter spam.

    You’d think if it was really one of your friends or followers, that person would be more personal in the DM. But spam can’t afford to be personal. It’s written generic to try to lure you into clicking the link.

    Don’t do it. Clicking the link at best takes you to a spammer’s site. At worst, it infects your computer with a virus. Somewhere in the middle is infecting your Twitter account. If you’ve got other examples, feel free to send them my way. I’ll add them to this list.

    Late breaking Twitter spam

    Some Twitter spammers are stupider than others. Have a look at this example.

    I ran across these two names, one over the other, in a friend’s follower list. You would have thought the spammer would have been smart enough to change pictures.

  • Thursday’s TwitterFic – Week’s Almost Done!

    I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. I had some Linux issues to sort out on my PC, and my daughter wanted to watch the TIVOed episode of True Blood. I had writing to do, but I just couldn’t concentrate. I might have gotten 50 words done, and I was shooting for 500. I hate when that happens. But what’s worse is that I woke up at 4 a.m. – four hours early for work. And I was exhausted. Shit. I really hate when that happens. But this afternoon, something clicked, and I cranked out a bunch of TwitterFic. I can’t say how. It just comes to me. If you want a customized shout out, let me know.

    We were not surpised that we found @XanderGrimm at the news of his lover’s death. What surprised us was his hand in the entrails.

    His words were guttural, his eyes wild: “Come on @StephanieSaye you love me!” She had waited for this moment and silently twisted the knife.

    “We find the @DeadReckless and violent,” the researcher said. “Too reckless to survive for long.” Unfortunately, his prediction was wrong.

    When we found @kendallgrey1 step away from the body, we knew she was responsible. What we didn’t know was that Kendall was a zombie.

    Putting the growl into books wasn’t difficult for the @Literarygrrrl. It was not biting the patrons of the library that proved impossible.

    When we found that @LadyAndronica was given to violent rages, we sent her to the Senate where she could deal with politicians as necessary.

    As an @AuthorTiffany could justify her prediliction for murder by calling it “research for my next story.”

    When Alleigh shifted into her more comfortable form as a panther, she retained enough of her humanity to be referred to as an @alleighkat15.

    @mariefrizelle‘d the young man before telling him that “frizelle” was another way of saying “cooked perfectly.”

    As a former heavy metal performer, Phil was ecstatic at his death to be reborn as a @metal_wraith – until he tried to pass through a wall.

    “@LynMidnight approaches!” Violeta turned to her friend. “Beware the vampire!” Unfortunately, both neglected to be wary of the ghouls below.

    In @TennesseeZombie territory covered most of the state. There were a few human enclaves, though zombies thought of them as cattle pens.

    When we caught up with the @twisted_twins, they had already disposed of the @_DeadHooker. Now their psychotic attention was focused on us.

    When Venus located @PrincessMiranda, it was too late to her. “Waste not, want not,” Venus thought and slit the girl’s throat for her bath.

    As a @zombiejenna found that she didn’t worry about fashion anymore. But she did inspect her teeth daily in the mirror for bits of human.

    When she found the @PrincessMarijke dragged her to safety. But Marijke didn’t know that the princess had already been bitten.

    Although @AngelaAddams wasn’t as well known as Gomez and Morticia, Angela was still a #Temptress in her own right.

    Melissa thought @Mys_Moore a bit bossy, so when the chance presented itself, Melissa pushed her off the roof to the zombie horde below.

    Coating her lips in @Rubyviolence was only the first step in a night of mayhem and madness: She still had bodies to devour.