Cranking up the next batch of Twitterfic

“Please @StephanieSaye the name of the demon, and we can be free!” But it was too late: Zombies had eaten Stephanie’s tongue.

We thought the @ghostgrl85 till till we noticed her piercings and lovely tattoos. We realized then, she must’ve have died much younger.

For @Lola_Hexx’s weren’t working on the zombie horde. Instead, she used her trusty flamethrower, and the corpses ran a-screaming.

When in the grip of the @inkMuse Rebecca lost all sense of where she was. Unfortunately, the muse took her as the zombie horde approached.

When @Lola_Hexx’d the zombie horde, she figured that was the end of its rampage. Unfortunately, zombies are spell resistant.

Finding a zombie at the throat of @AlisonBeightol fired off a quick shot. Beightol hit the zombie, but missed Alison: the latter had a meal.

Upon finding the unconcious @PrincessMarijke knelt and cradled the woman’s head. That was Marijke’s mistake, and the zombie princess bit her

Vicki was the first to discover that amphibians has been infected by the zombie virus, because @VickiLikesFrogs.

“I told you, you’ve just got to have @FaithMortimer!” But Mortimer was already out the door and fighting the zombie horde.

#TheEnchanters thought themselves safe as they had memorized the spells in @allieburkebooks. Unfortunately, zombies didn’t heed magic.

We thought @NickSilly for his fear of the dead-alive, silly that is, until the zombies crashed through the gate.

We thought @SarahhSquare because she said “zombie,” instead of using the politically correct terminology of “life challenged.”

No one knew that zombies could speak, nor that they had a French accent. So imagine our shock when one of them remarked: “@zbleumoon”

Digging through the guts of a zombie, Phil found the @philo_diamond. Unfortunately, Phil was digging from the inside out.

“I’m kidding!” He winked. “I didn’t mean to call you @barkergirl33.” As a werewolf, Kim was not know for her sense of humor and gutted him.

“@ImDanielleEGray,” she announced regally. The zombie, formerlly known as Princess Lydia, was not impressed and ate Danielle anyway.

As an @AuthorJenNS thought herself outside the zombie/human conflict as an impartial observer. The zombies, however, thought otherwise.

“We’re out of bullets, bombs, hatchets and clubs,” Sedgwick fumed. “All we’ve got left to fight zombies with is this @icypop.”

It was her infatuation with ink that eventually saved @PrincessMiranda from being devoured by zombies: they found beauty in her skin.

Folks believed the Kompi dinosaurs in Jurrasic Park were made up creatures, until the dead rose from graves, and a @KompiZombie was found.

“That plan is @DiceyGrenor,” he said. “But if we run like hell, we’ll beat the zombies.” Grenor nodded, drew her gun, and opened the door.

We didn’t know werewolves could read in their furry form until we found the woman we now refer to as @ComicBookGrrl.

When he sat down to @WriteTheFantasy he’d always dreamed of, he found he could only pound the keyboard in frustration, as zombies can’t type

“@theladywrites fantasy as a rule,” he said. “But now that she’s been bitten by a zombie, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.”

When they gave @lolapowers over fish and fowl, she thought herself safe at the marina. Unfortunately, that where the zombies looked first.

At first Marshall thought it was just a @jitterymoose. Upon closer inspection, Marshall realized the moose was bitten by a zombie.

As a @ScifiReaderAnna knew how to defeat robots should they attempt to take over the world. Unfortunately, Anna faced zombies.

We had no idea that the Queen of the Zombies was actually a divine being, until we found her worshiped by the horde as the @HungryGoddess.

“Damn, Bea. Look! It’s a @redhairedharpie!” But Beatrice was too busy fighting off a zombie to glance backward until too late.

Deciding to leave the @PrincessMarijke took to her heels and dashed out the door ahead of the raging zombie horde. Marijke was safe for now.

We told @DavidStand by the door, and keep an eye out for zombies. Then we left him there, and opened the window for the horde to enter.

We had no idea our cat had a fetish, until we caught it late one evening in the closet watching @angrypuppyfilms.

When @suzisquared off her fangs, we thought her a reformed vampire. Silly us. Vampires heal at a remarkable rate!

No one knew the undead existed at Camelot, and so were doubly surprised when a dinosaur zombie arrived from the court – dubbed @ExcaliburRex

By affixing the year to her name, @carlie2011c hoped to avoid the zombie horde. Odd logic, but it worked. Instead, the vampires got her.

When he saw @IanFydell took to the woods. Unfortunately, Fydell paid too much attention to the zombie behind, and not enough to the horde hiding in the trees.

“Goddamnit! Get the @Chainsaw_Sally!” But Sally didn’t like being ordered about, so she shoved him off the roof to the zombies below.

Digging into the brain of a serial killer, I found @ssraven amidst chocolate dreams and slippery thoughts. Delicious memories!

When she saw the shimmer in the sky was @theglitterlady, Diana put away her knife. “Fairies are allowed to sparkle,” she said. “For now.”

The zombie crept up on the @2GirlsOnaBench, little realizing that they were bait, there to draw the undead within range.

“I want you to find the @Sickest_Bitch you can and feed her to the zombies.” Unfortunately for him, the @Sickest_Bitch was already a zombie.

Finding the @firepixie324 was our only hope in detering vampires from our keep. Unfortunately, it was zombies who stormed the gate.

Before the Apocalypse, she was known as BeckyILee. Now we call her @BeckyiZombie.