Divine Wine

Divine Wine, a Vampire TaleThe night turns brutal in Atlantic City when a serial killer who indulges in necrophilia crosses paths with a vengeful Vampire. Cyber punks and tourists make way for the Vampire and killer as they square off in a blood-soaked romp under the harsh glow of neon and a full moon

In the light of day, Atlantic City is like a war zone. At night, city’s glitzy exterior of neon and multi-billion dollar casinos masks the grime that lies just below the surface.

The best part of Atlantic City is the number of disposable teens that stalk the night streets with sneers and baggy pants. The former is a result of the bravado of perceived invulnerability. The latter slows the little youths down to a pants-yanking shamble. Many of Atlantic City’s youth are cheap, wanna-be gangsters who know nothing about real life and death. They’re the kind of punks who brag about guns and murder and their plans to one day move to the Big City, where they’ll be players, with plenty of whores and drugs in easy reach. These little thugs beat and rob tourists, rape girls and boys in back alleys, and fight endlessly over perceived territory violations.

They are the kind of scum that the police would just as soon quietly disappeared.

Diana is the vampire for that particular task.

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2 thoughts on “Divine Wine

  1. I liked this short story. It was wicked and a bit perverted. Yummy. You have a good writing style. I like it. But, why have you not written more?

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the story, David. For me, it was fun to write. I’ve been working on other stories, though none have yet come together. I won’t publish something that I’m not proud of; I have yet to find that in the stories I’m working on.

      But soon. I’ll find the vicious, and once again, we’ll have the blood dance.

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