Jesus Wept

JesusWeptTHWhen the world’s first vampire finds Jesus Christ, she’s disappointed that the man is not all that his followers claim that he is. This is not a book for the squeamish.

Read this review by Rebecca that’s posted at Goodreads:

Well first I want to say, I am a Christian and it wasn’t as “blasphemous” as I thought it was. Some may think the author has a serious issue with religion and men in general, but I beg to differ. This short story blends historical mythologies of the vampire, and for those of a secular nature – the historical Jesus. Descriptions are quite raw, angry -but the “violence” in the tale, to me at least – has a meaning to it based on the character’s commentary and inquiries to the dying Christ. Whatever your belief system is, as a horror story – it’s a statement on the frailty and weakness of human flesh, and it delivers. I don’t think the questions and concepts put forth in this story is any different from theologists and philosopher’s throughout time. Blood fetish, homoerotica, even the cultures of that time period. My only beef was the modern terminology of the “f” word :p but I’m a stickler for historical details and I don’t know for certain when said f word was invented, anyway. It’s cringe worthy no matter who the victim is – and definitely not for squeamish people. The conclusion has what I can only describe as a dark parody related to prophesy. *ahem* Now, Diana Trees has the balls to write hardcore horror or violence, which may intimidate the male half of the population. And she manages to do so without coming across gratuitous – which is more than what I can say for some of the horror shorts I’ve read lately.

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